At Athletic Helmet Reconditioning in East Texas, our thorough reconditioning process has been reviewed, tested, and approved by NOCSAE, and we’re an active member in good standing with the NAERA.

Because of our adherence to industry standards, every helmet that passes through our shop undergoes an in-depth evaluation and an intense reconditioning process to ensure its strength and durability. At a high level, our process involves the following steps:

  1. Helmets are sent to our internal NOCSAE certified testing facility for pre-reconditioning drop testing
  2. Removal of all hardware, decals, helmet stripes, and adhesive residue
  3. Faceguards removed
  4. All parts are washed and sanitized, or replaced if necessary.
  5. All Shells are buffed and shined
  6. Shells are given a high-quality paint job that will hold up throughout the season
  7. Proper labels installed according to NOCSAE standard and manufacturer recommendations
  8. Helmets are reassembled
  9. Inspection of post-reconditioned helmets
  10. Helmets are sent to our internal NOCSAE certified testing facility for post-reconditioning drop testing to ensure they are safe for play and that they meet NOCSAE standards
  11. Final Inspection

To learn more about how the reconditioning process at Athletic Helmet Reconditioning works, please contact us and let us know how we can work together to provide your athletes with reconditioned and recertified football helmets.